5 Incredible Canadian Charities

5 Incredible Canadian Charities


Some of the richest and most influential people in the world understand that their legacy isn’t complete until they give something back to the community. For Canadians, those obviously end up being Canadian charities.


Of course, it can be truly difficult to “rank” charities. Who is to say that an environmental charity, for example, is “better” than a charity raising money for cancer research? In no particular order, here are five incredible Canadian charities.


The Calgary Homeless Foundation


There are countless Canadian charities dedicated to fighting homelessness, but the Calgary Homeless Foundation may be the most reputable. It is particularly known for its financial transparency, and its mission is to end homelessness in Calgary. The Calgary Homeless Foundation was founded in 1998.


Canadian Feed The Children


Canadian Feed The Children is a secular NGO, or non-governmental organization. Its main focus is food security, although it is also dedicated to education, nutrition, and more. Canadian Feed The Children was founded in 1986.




One of the reasons that CanadaHelps is important is because it is an online platform that helps donors connect with Canadian charities of all kinds. In fact, the organization has facilitated over $1 billion in donations. They support all Canadian charities, no matter their size.


CanadaHelps was founded in 2000.


The Daily Bread Food Bank


The Daily Bread Food Bank was founded in 1983, but it is now one of Canada’s largest food banks. They distribute millions of pounds of food per year, and are praised for their public reporting detailing their work and results.



Terry Fox Foundation


The Terry Fox Foundation distributes millions of dollars each year in cancer research grants. It is arguably one of the most well-known Canadian charities focused on cancer research, and it is one of the largest Canadian charities (by donations).


The Terry Fox Foundation is named after Terry Fox, a man who was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1977. He then proceeded to run thousands of miles to raise money for cancer research, before he passed away in 1981. This was called the “Marathon Of Hope”, and annual “Terry Fox Runs” are held all throughout Canada every year.



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