The Best Canadian Fiction Novels Of 2020

The Best Canadian Fiction Novels Of 2020


There are many different reasons that someone would pick up and read something. Some professionals want to browse through a magazine and read some interesting stories, while researchers may want to read more non-fiction to find out more about a particular subject.


However, there’s nothing wrong with lounging on the couch and opening up a good fiction novel. In no particular order, here are some of the best Canadian fiction novels of 2020.


The Glass Hotel


There’s a good chance that you saw “The Glass Hotel” on many 2020 lists of the best fiction, and there's a good reason for that. The novel is ambitious, and it involves an international Ponzi scheme. The writing here is absolutely incredible, and you’ll be intrigued the entire time.


This is Emily St. John Mandel’s fifth novel, and it seems as though she is only getting better. Mandel is also known for writing Station Eleven, which is now being turned into an HBO series.


Butter Honey Pig Bread


There are some moments where an author shines through on their debut, and this certainly is the case with Butter Honey Pig Bread. The novel focuses on two twin sisters and their mother, and it involves the supernatural.


Francesca Ekwuyasi is a Nigerian-Canadian novelist, and this novel was longlisted for the Giller Prize.


The Beguiling


This book is a bit intense, so it might not be the best vacation read. However, if you are interested in reading a novel that deals with religion, forgiveness, and dreams, then The Beguiling may be one of the best Canadian novels you can read right now.


The book was written by Zsuzsi Gartner.


Dominoes At The Crossroads


This book is fascinating because it’s about Canada’s Caribbean diaspora, which often doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. This book features a large ensemble of characters, all of which help keep things interesting and fresh, but focuses on music and the connection that it provides.



This isn’t a novel, however, this is a collection of short stories. Dominoes At The Crossroads was written by Kaie Kellough. Kellough is also a poet, and won the 2020 Griffin Poetry Prize.




It’s not every year that William Gibson decides to release a novel. For those who don’t know, Gibson is one of Canada’s most respected science fiction writers, and he is most known for his 1984 novel Neuromancer, which won many different awards at this time.


Agency tackles some themes about technology and artificial intelligence, while also delving into politics from time to time. It is definitely one of the best Canadian novels of 2020.