Atlantic Book Rescue

Simply put, we're an online book store based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

However, there's more than that to Atlantic Book Rescue.

We also create relationships with local organizations which allow us to maximize donation efficiency. This means, partnering with daycare workers, senior homes, teachers and non-for-profits. 

This strategy allows us to ensure we have as many homes for the books we receive as possible.

Our goal is to keep books alive. Continue the life cycle. Many books end up in the landfill, even in 2021. We're doing our part in ensuring this doesn't happen.

Our causes

Plant Trees In Nova Scotia

We're committing to plant 1000 trees this year

Give To Those In Need

Through our "become a recipient" program we're giving back


If we can't find a new home for our books we make sure everything is recycled responsibility
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