Adèle Hugo: La Misérable [Paperback] Dow, Leslie Smith


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Victor Hugo didn't much care for Adèle because he was never sure she was his daughter. Even so, he made her join the rest of his family as they shared his exile on the island of Jersey. Adèle was virtually imprisoned. The lack of outlets for her artistic gifts cramped her mind, and daily seances loosened her grip on reality. No wonder she fell in love with a feckless English soldier, Albert Andrew Pinson. His ardour for everything about her except her money cooled rapidly, but her passion for him burned white hot. Adèle dogged Pinson's footsteps, first to Halifax and then to Barbados, sometimes in a state of dementia. At last, a former slave rescued her from a Bridgetown street and took her home to France. Victor committed Adèle to an asylum, and there she stayed for the rest of her life, even though she was at times no less lucid than he

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