Batman: The Ultimate Evil


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Author: Vachss, Andrew H.

Number Of Pages: 196

EAN: 9780446519120

Release Date: 01-11-1995

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description In the match of the century, one of today's most powerful crime novelists brings his years of ground-zero experience with abused children to the adventures of the most popular super hero of our time. Andrew Vachss introduces Batman to the ultimate evil - and to a shocking revelation about the night-rider's own origins. From Booklist Vachss has curled toes and raised eyebrows for years with his New York City avenger Burke. Don't think for a minute that just because he's penned a novel based on a comic-book hero that he's abandoned his passionate stand against child abuse. Weary of fighting exotic criminals, Batman has reached a crossroads. As wealthy philanthropist Bruce Wayne, traveling with a beautiful young social worker and child advocate, he begins to realize a change must occur in his life. But what? Alfred, his faithful servant, provides the answer. He reveals to Batman the secret of his parents' death. They weren't the victims of random crime, they were murdered with intent. Wayne's mother was also a crime fighter. She discovered a worldwide network of child pornographers, pedophiles, and pimps and left behind her findings with instructions to Alfred to turn them over to her son when the time was right. Batman targets child sex tourism promoted by a Southeast Asian country and, posing as a pedophile, makes the right contacts and soon finds himself battling the government. To document the real-life horror of this situation, a nonfiction article is included, and the publisher promises tons of publicity as well as a comic-book adaptation of the novel by Neal Barrett, Jr. ( Pink Vodka Blues). Public libraries should prepare for heavy demand. Wes Lukowsky

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