Celebrate Recovery 365 Daily Devotional: Healing from Hurts, Habits, and Hang-Ups [Hardcover] Baker, John; Baker, Johnny and Owen, Mac


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Are you on a recovery journey? Do you need a daily resource of hope to get you through every day? The _Celebrate Recovery 365 Daily Devotional_ includes brief readings, designed as daily reinforcement and encouragement for millions who are on the road to recovery. As readers engage with the devotions, they will: Discover the principles more firmly cemented in their daily thinking and actions Find ongoing support and hope for the road ahead Be reminded of God's goodness, grace, and redemption Be an inspiration to anyone struggling with old hurts, habits, and hang-ups _Celebrate Recovery_ is not just a program but a means toward lasting life changes, and the key to recovery is to keep the eight Christ-centered Life Principles alive--which can be found in the daily devotional. Whether you're making a self-purchase or gifting to someone, _Celebrate Recovery _is designed to inspire readers during weak moments and encourage them in strong moments. This 365-day devotional will bring the right strength for each day and provide words of hope, courage, and triumph

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