Children of Eden: A Novel (Volume 1)


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Author: Graceffa, Joey


  • Atria Keywords Press

Number Of Pages: 288

EAN: 9781501146558

Release Date: 04-10-2016

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description INSTANT #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Joey Graceffa has captured the hearts of millions of teens and young adults through his playful, sweet, and inspirational YouTube presence. Already a bestselling author with his memoir, In Real Life, Joey now presents his first novel, Children of Eden. Rowan is a second child in a world where population control measures make her an outlaw, marked for death. She can never go to school, make friends, or get the eye implants that will mark her as a true member of Eden. Indeed, her kaleidoscopic eyes may very well give her away to the ruthless Center government. Outside of Eden, Earth is poisoned and dead. All animals and most plants have been destroyed by a man-made catastrophe. Long ago, the brilliant scientist Aaron Al-Baz saved a pocket of civilization by designing the EcoPanopticon, a massive computer program that hijacked all global technology and put it to use preserving the last vestiges of mankind. Humans will wait for thousands of years in Eden until the EcoPan heals the world. As an illegal second child, Rowan has been hidden away in her family’s compound for sixteen years. Now, desperate to see the world, she recklessly escapes for what she swears will be only one night of adventure. Though she finds an exotic world, and even a friend, the night leads to tragedy. Soon Rowan becomes a renegade on the run. The first novel from YouTube superstar Joey Graceffa, Children of Eden is a thrilling and completely absorbing new book from one of social media’s brightest young storytellers. About the Author Joey Graceffa is a leading digital creator, actor, and producer, best known for his scripted and vlog work with YouTube. He is the author of the instant  New York Times bestselling memoir  In Real Life: My Journey to a Pixelated World and the bestselling novels  Children of Eden and its sequel  Elites of Eden. In 2013, he produced and starred in his own Kickstarter–funded supernatural series,  Storytellers, for which he won a Streamy Award. In 2016, he debuted  Escape the Night, a “surreality” competition series for YouTube Red that returned for a third season in the summer of 2018. Joey’s other interests include a proprietary accessories/home décor line called Crystal Wolf and supporting various nonprofit organizations for literacy, children’s health and wellness, and animal welfare. To learn more about the author, visit Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Children of Eden “GIVE ME MORE!” I insist, pounding my fist on the gleaming steel of the outdoor dining table. Above us, the stars glimmer through the nanoparticle haze that keeps us safe from the ruined atmosphere. Across the table from me, my brother Ash’s eyes twinkle. “The priests say our ancestors ruined the planet that way, Rowan. More, more, always more, until the Earth couldn’t give any more and she died.” He grins. He’s teasing me, I know, but I see the secret shudder that always makes his body tremble when he thinks of the Ecofail. He is an avid temple-goer, and spends hours on his knees in penance for the acts of our ancestors. Not that it does much good. The atmosphere is as broken as ever, the world is dead, and only the tender care of the EcoPanopticon keeps us alive now. Praying will never make a tree grow in this world again. The Earth is dead, but we still survive. Of course, I’ve never been to temple. Maybe if I had I wouldn’t be such a cynic. But then, I haven’t been anywhere in the last sixteen years. At least, not officially. You see, I don’t exist. I might as well be a figment of my twin brother’s imagination. If I were, I think he would have gone inside and fallen asleep long ago. Figments are easier to shake than I am. Ash knows I never give up. Through long habit—and Mom’s insistence—he is used to devoting a good chunk of every day to my persistent questions. For a girl who doesn’t exist, I can be a pain in the neck. Or so Ash tells

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