Dental Hygiene: Theory and Practice


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Author: Darby

Edition: 2


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Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 1248

EAN: 9780721691626

Release Date: 30-07-2003

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description The most comprehensive, all-encompassing dental hygiene text to date, this excellent tool helps readers not only master clinical skills, but also the theory behind the dental hygiene care process. It guides the reader through the dental hygiene care process based on the human needs model, beginning with foundational information, addressing all aspects of client care - including individuals with special needs - and concluding with leadership and management roles of a dental hygienist. Unique step-by-step descriptions of procedures with illustrations and rationales not only teach competent skill performance, but also the theory behind the dental hygiene process. The 2nd edition features a full-color design with color photos and illustrations, a more user-friendly format with extensive bullet lists, boxes, and comprehensive tables, and new pedagogical features to reinforce learning. New to this Edition New chapters and expanded coverage of hot topics provide more complete coverage, keeping readers better informed and better prepared to function in the dental office. New full-color design features high-quality, full-color clinical photos and line drawings that provide visual appeal and depict important concepts. New redesigned, user-friendly format makes the text easier to read and aids in referencing specific topics of interest. Client Education Issues teach readers how to educate the client to understand the treatment and to implement good follow-up care and oral hygiene at home, emphasizing the concept of the human needs model. Legal, Ethical, and Safety Issues encourages good ethical, professional and legal practices by explaining the importance of patient rights, the dental hygienist's ethical behavior, and the safety of the client in connection with the chapter topic. Key Concepts at the end of each chapter list the most important points of the chapter to help the student retain key information. Critical Thinking Exercises, presented Review REVIEW OF PREVIOUS EDITION: "The standard for dental hygiene professional care. When the textbook came out, it was considered quite advanced in the concepts concerning dental hygiene diagnosis, treatment plans, and care. Now that these concepts are finally being considered mainstream, the textbook still delivers the information needed for not only basic dental hygiene care, but restorative and pain control care. I hope that the next edition covers more in the area of ultrasonics and the latest in periodontal disease technology in diagnosis and care. Knowing the level of excellence in this textbook, I am sure it will be included." -- Margaret J. Fehrenbach, RDH, MS, Educational Consultant, Seattle, WA ( reviewer)

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