Equally Shared Parenting: Rewriting the Rules for a New Generation of Parents


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Author: Vachon, Marc

Color: White

Edition: Reprint

Number Of Pages: 304

EAN: 9780399536519

Release Date: 05-04-2011

Languages: English

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Binding: Paperback

Details: Product Description This Is Parenting on Your Own Terms  Chances are, you'd rather not forfeit your happy, rested life the moment you become a parent. As a mom, you may want to keep your career, but aren't sure how to balance it with housework and childcare. As a dad, you probably want to witness your child's milestones, but a demanding job may get in the way. And what about time for yourself (never mind your sex life)?  Marc and Amy Vachon were determined to beat this scenario when their first child was born. They vowed to sidestep the world's expectations of new parents and create a parenthood model that worked for them. Their strategy was to share everything-the good and the bad. They became peers in each area of parenthood: childcare, housework, and breadwinning. They also made time for themselves, and for each other. They shared the burdens so nobody was overwhelmed, and the joys so neither missed out on the fun.  Drawing on Marc and Amy's experiences, as well as those of dozens of ESP couples,  Equally Shared Parenting shows you how to create a balanced life that is rarely experienced by today's parents. It's not just about who vacuums and who does the dishes, or who brings in the paycheck and who tends to the kids. You'll learn how to look at every aspect of parenthood, money, careers, and your individual needs, so you can build a life that works for you  both. Review "The Vachons are the leading edge of true social change." -Laura Vanderkam, "The Huffington Post" "Kids become whole people when they're raised by whole people-the Vachons show us how." -Gloria Steinem About the Author Marc and Amy Vachon are the founders of EquallySharedParenting.com. Their work has been covered by the  New York Times, Boston Globe, Guardian (UK),  Fitness Magazine, the  Today show, and other media.

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