Every Day I Fight: Making a Difference, Kicking Cancer's Ass


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Author: Scott, Stuart

Number Of Pages: 320

EAN: 9780399174063

Release Date: 10-03-2015

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedVeryGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description “When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer.  You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live.” – Stuart Scott The fearless, intimate, and inspiring story behind ESPN anchor Stuart Scott’s unrelenting fight against cancer, with a foreword by Robin Roberts. Shortly before he passed away, on January 4, 2015, Stuart Scott completed work on this memoir. It was both a labor of love and a love letter to life itself. Not only did Stuart relate his personal story—his childhood in North Carolina, his supportive family, his athletic escapades, his on-the-job training as a fledgling sportscaster, his being hired and eventual triumphs at ESPN—he shared his intimate struggles to keep his story going. Struck by appendiceal cancer in 2007, Stuart battled this rare disease with an unimaginable tenacity and vigor. Countless surgeries, enervating chemotherapies, endless shuttling from home to hospital to office and back—Stuart continued defying fate, pushing himself through exercises and workout routines that kept him strong. He wanted to be there for his teenage daughters, Sydni and Taelor, not simply as their dad, but as an immutable example of determination and courage. Every Day I Fight is a saga of love, an inspiration to us all. Review “In his posthumously released memoir, Every Day I Fight, the ESPN anchor chronicles the battle with cancer that ultimately claimed his life but never took his spirit….The most poignant takeaway of Scott’s battle: Having cancer didn’t make him a fighter. He was a fighter long before cancer, so trying to stay alive was natural, not extraordinary.”—Stephen A. Crockett, Jr., TheRoot.com"Scott's candor and combative energy are what drives his story...Being a conscientious journalist, Scott diligently, unsparingly reports on what was going on inside his head and in his personal life through treatment, remission and the return of the disease. In recounting every mood swing, every surge of hope and dread, he is imparting a lesson to his daughters, Taelor and Sydni—and to us: 'I want them to take every note of every moment and to make them count.'"—USA Today"After a seven-year struggle with cancer, Scott, an ESPN SportsCenter anchor and commentator who died in January, wrote this memoir—with Platt (Only the Strong Survived)—with the same out-of-the-box energy that he brought to his shows... Baring his soul and not backing down, Scott reveals his physical and psychological pain, writing that he knew he needed to be strong because he 'wanted to walk Taelor and Sydni down the aisle.'... Scott taught his daughters that 'life consists of two dates with a dash in between,' and judging by this inspirational narrative, Scott has made that dash significant."—Publisher's Weekly (starred review)“A memorable, joyful ode to a life well-lived and well-loved. As Scott would say: 'Booyah.'"—Marilyn Dahl, Shelf Awareness “Scott writes about illness and loss with a relentless energy that makes this the happiest sad book I can recall. The book is a lot like Scott on television — over the top, irresistibly sincere. He has not produced a standard strength-through-adversity tale. “Trust me,” he says to the people praising his fortitude after his illness became public, “I ain’t courageous. I just don’t want to die.” And there are two simple reasons Scott did not want to die: his young daughters, Taelor and Sydni….“Every Day I Fight,” which Scott wrote with journalist Larry Platt, is the only possible title for this book. That’s because fighting — for safety, for fun, for team, for family, for life — was a big part of being Stuart Scott….Scott’s unforgettable phraseology crosses over into his experience with cancer….Stuart Scott was loving and he was loved, and then he was gone. But in these pages, this loudest of voices reveals the quiet dignity of his fight.”—Carlos Lozada, The Washington Post“An uplifting read….The power of Scott’s memoir is that it invites read

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