Fast Fit: Easy Pattern Alterations for Every Figure


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Author: Betzina, Sandra

Edition: Spi

Number Of Pages: 256

EAN: 9781561584949

Release Date: 15-08-2001

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description Sandra Betzina's tried and true--and easy to do--techniques for creating clothes that fit and flatter your unique shape. From Amazon Store-bought patterns usually need a bit of finessing to take them from a general size to an individual's perfect fit. Sandra Betzina, the host of HGTV's Sew Perfect, knows exactly how to alter a pattern to compensate for just about every figure flaw or to accommodate any figure type. Fast Fit is packed with dozens of clear analyses of all the "problem areas"--from broad back to thin neck, sloping shoulders to large upper arms, big tummy to bowed legs--and step-by-step solutions to turn a standard pattern into something that corrects the fit in each area. The introductory section explains how to take proper measurements, choose the right size, and approach the pattern-alteration process. Illustrations of altered patterns show precisely how to cut apart and reposition the pattern pieces, although some details may need a bit of interpretation since the patterns are shown quite small. One other drawback is that, easy as these fixes may generally be, they're not necessarily fast from the start, since Betzina recommends that you first make a fitting shell to highlight problem areas. (But once you've figured these out you can then apply the information to many patterns.) All in all, this is a good reference, and unless you know how to draft your own patterns from scratch, you'll probably benefit from Betzina's help. --Amy Handy Review "Take the fear out of pattern adjustments and learn what makes things fit with the details for any body type from the wonderful information in this book." About the Author Sandra Betzina is best known as the dynamic host of HGTV's Sew Perfect. She is also the author of Fast Fit, Power Sewing, and Sandra Betzina Sews for Your Home, all published by The Taunton Press. Sandra also creates a line of garment patterns for Vogue called Today's Fit by Sandra Betzina, teaches sewing workshops and retreats, offers online classes, and more. She lives in San Francisco, CA.

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