Flying Colours: The Toni Onley Story


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Author: Onley, Toni

Edition: Canadian First

Number Of Pages: 336

EAN: 9781550172980

Release Date: 15-10-2002

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description If you're strolling a beach or ferry deck as sunset casts its glow on British Columbia's Coast Mountains, there's a good chance someone within earshot will say, "It looks just like a Toni Onley." That's how closely Onley is identified with the landscape of Canada's West Coast. Don't be fooled. The serenity of those watercolours reflects only one facet of Onley's work--and very little of his tumultuous life. Flying Colours gives you the whole canvas, from a rustic riverbank on the Isle of Man to a plane wreck on a mountain glacier. With sly humour, disarming candour and an artist's eye for detail, Onley recalls a life of professional triumphs and personal tragedies. For a painter known for landscapes and collages, Onley proves a dab hand at word portraits, from haughty maharajahs and quirky Manxmen to the alcoholic--and even homicidal--habitués of an artists' colony in Mexico. None is more colourful than Onley himself. From the cocky schoolboy painting an extra petal on a daffodil to the Rolls-Royce rebel facing down Revenue Canada--and winning--Onley's passion for art and zest for life leap from every page. Art lovers will cherish his lucid, unaffected insights into the creative process, not to mention the lavish illustrations, representing every stage of Onley's career. An Officer of the Order of Canada, Toni Onley was born in 1928 on the Isle of Man, where he received his early training and was influenced by the work of the great British watercolourists. He came to Canada in 1948. Onley's work is featured in galleries around the world, including the Tate Gallery in London, the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, and the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. Onley took up flying in 1965, a passion he credits with taking him to the work for which he is best known today: landscape of simplicity and power. Review The Artist as Modern Tarzan THINK of B.C. artist Toni Onley as a modern-day Tarzan, and you will immediately conjure up images of excitement, danger, curiosity and dark places. Add to this Onley's talent of a visual artist with an infectious sense of humour and the skill to tell stories, and you have the essence of this entertaining book. Flying Colours is not exactly an autobiography but rather a collection of stories told by artist Onley to writer Gregory Strong, who had been wondering for some years "about the obstacles and sacrifices a successful artist faced over a long career." The opening chapter is a riveting tale of the then 55-year-old millionaire artist piloting his own plane over the ski resort of Whistler and crashing into the Cheakamus Glacier. While there were times he lived hand to mouth, his work eventually became recognized. Today it hangs in galleries around the world. In 1980, one of his art dealers negotiated the sale of more 1,200 pieces of his work to the so-called Fraser Valley phantom realtor, whose name was never revealed. But Onley's success also brought out the critics, not to mention Revenue Canada. In 1983 the government, in an effort to help pay for its inflationary spending, tried to make a "tax grab" on artists, classifying them as "manufacturers," who ought to be taxed on their production costs. Onley led the fight against the policy and threatened to burn all of his massive inventory rather than pay the tax. This book contains many other adventurous tales, including Onley's travels to India, Mexico and the Arctic, where he kept a detailed daily diary. Onley's painting style, which he describes as "commentary on landscape," has taken him through most major art movements of the past half century from realism and minimalism and abstract expressionism to pop art. Today he is one of the few contemporary Canadian painters who has achieved celebrity status... - Arnold Ross - - A Swashbuckling Landscape Painter Flying Colours: The Toni Onley Story begins with dramatic incident-a plane crash on a glacier in the Canadian Rockies -- that suits its dramatic subject. Canadia

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