Horse Mad Academy


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Author: Helidoniotis, Kathy

Edition: 3rd edition, revised

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 256

EAN: 9781552859599

Release Date: 27-02-2011

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Paperback

Details: Product Description Join Ashleigh and her horse, Honey, as they face their fears together in the third installment of this exciting series.Ashleigh Miller is starting an exciting new adventure at Waratah Grove Riding Academy, one of the best riding academies in the country. It sounds like a dream come true until she realizes it`s more than she bargained for. Getting through an exhausting riding schedule, training with the best junior riders in Australia, struggling with a horse who won`t do dressage and competing for a chance to ride at the nationals all have Ashleigh thinking life in Shady Creek with the Creepketeers was a breeze.That`s not all that`s got Ashleigh worried. She`s beginning to unravel Honey`s mysterious past and wonders if she has what it takes to heal her horse`s spirit. To top it off, a new baby brother or sister is on the way, there`s something fishy going on inside Roycroft Cabin and Ashleigh has to figure out a way to survive four weeks without her two best friends.Come for a ride as Ashleigh and Honey take on an exciting four weeks they won`t soon forget. About the Author Kathy Helidoniotis is the author of six books in the Horse Mad series and numerous other books for children. Horse-crazy herself, Helidoniotis divides her time between riding, writing, reading, and teaching.

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