JK: The Jamie Kennedy Cookbook


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Author: Kennedy, Jamie

Number Of Pages: 408

EAN: 9781443419000

Release Date: 21-10-2014

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description Canada's most celebrated chef reveals his food and his story.No chef in Canada is more respected for his devotion to local, seasonal, sustainable gastronomy, and his relentless pursuit to define and celebrate Canada's unique regional culinary character, than Jamie Kennedy. Kennedy has been at the forefront of Canada's farm-to-table, slow food and local food movements. In this journey, he has helped to nurture and strengthen the community of like-minded producers, chefs and consumers. Moreover, he has inspired others to join him in following this traditional yet revolutionary philosophy. Throughout his illustrious and sometimes challenging career, JK has always held the same truths to be fundamental to his food. With JK: The Jamie Kennedy Cookbook, he offers everyone a taste of his extraordinary cooking. From his early days cooking at The Three Small Rooms in Toronto to Scaramouche and on to his own restaurants, the Palmerston, the ROM, JK Wine Bar and Gilead, among others, his food has evolved, but his outlook has never wavered. From French fries to Cornish hen galantines, from rhubarb jellies to pickled ramps, JK's philosophy of simplicity and pleasure shines through. In this celebration of Canadian food, Jamie Kennedy also reveals much about his life's work, his challenges and successes, and his engagement in a culinary and cultural revolution. Soupstock, Empty Bowls and Local Food Movement dinners, all essential events on the foodie calendar, are part of Jamie's signature "food fight" for food security, supporting local producers and feeding the underserved.Jamie Kennedy, in his food and his life's work, is a quietly radical, deeply committed activist. His passions are evident in this extraordinary cookbook. Written with Canada's cutting edge culinary writer Ivy Knight, and featuring the stunning photography of Jo Dickins, JK: The Jamie Kennedy Cookbook will turn heads, open minds and have readers running to their kitchens to start cooking magnificent food. Review "From the first of my many life-affirming meals at Palmerston, it was apparent that Jamie was ahead of his time. And he's never looked back. How fortuitous for all of us that his genius continues to feed and inspire." -Bob Blumer, gastronaut and Food Network host About the Author Jamie Kennedy is a Governor General’s Cuisine Award-winning chef and food activist whose influence in the evolution of Canadian cuisine is unrivalled. He has mentored countless talented young chefs and created, through his advocacy for organic agriculture and his tireless work in community helping people re-engage with their food sources, an ideal among the culinary elite of commitment to local and seasonal ingredients. His high standard has set the bar for many generations of chefs to come. Jamie Kennedy has run numerous restaurants in Toronto, and he now owns Gilead Bistro, and Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner. He caters to many private functions and donates his time and efforts to such charities as Empty Bowls and Feast of Fields. Jamiekennedy.ca

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