Marine Biology: Function, Biodiversity, Ecology


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Author: Levinton, Jeffrey S.

Number Of Pages: 448

EAN: 9780195085730

Release Date: 01-10-1995

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description Written by one of the most highly respected researchers in marine biology, this text is the most current and accessible treatment of all aspects of this interdisciplinary field. Marine Biology aims to heighten students' inherent fascination with the ocean and marine life and describes in an easily understandable manner the biological principles which govern marine biological systems. It introduces the rich diversity of the marine environment by focusing on three major themes: 1) function, the way organisms solve problems and the chemical and physical factors affecting these solutions; 2) biodiversity, an overview of the various life forms in the ocean; and 3) ecology, the interaction of organisms with their environment. Designed for undergraduate courses at the sophomore to senior level, the book is designed to help students approach a great variety of material. Supplemented by suggestions for further reading, a glossary of important terms, text boxes highlighting significant equations and concepts, review questions at the end of each chapter, and an abundance of illustrative examples and visual material, this text is a fascinating introduction to marine biology which is both accessible to and captivating for students of marine biology, marine ecology, and marine science. Review "An excellent, broadly-based text that can be easily understood by undergraduates."--John Valentine, University of South Alabama "Outstanding text, clearly written and generously illustrated. The author's enthusiasm for the subject matter is obvious."--Dr. Sandra E. Shumway, Southampton College, LIU "I like your new Marine Biology book. It's the first appropriate-level text I have found for undergraduate students, very readable and well illustrated. I tried four different texts over the past five years, and this is the first one that the students and I agree is quality. I especially like the discussions of marine biology principles and the up-to-date discussions of pertinent literature. Congratulations on an excellent book."--Gary R. Gaston, University of Mississippi "A thorough and accurate text, most suitable for a senior level course for students with a year of biology."--Alan Kohn, University of Washington "A complete compendium of current and pertinent information, with a useful chapter-end bibliography for in-depth readings. The text has a refreshing approach and a strong organismal focus. I find the section on Biodiversity particularly useful to understanding the integrated complexity of the marine system."--Gary Laursen, University of Alaska "This is the text that many marine biologists will wish they had written, and is just what I would expect from this author--levels of organization ranging from molecules to ecosystems, and time scales from tidal cycles to eons. Levinton gives a good introduction to the physical factors in diverse marine environments, and really shines when describing the physiological, functional and morphological characteristics that have been shaped by these environments."--J. Malcolm Schick, University of Maine "The book is full of many good examples and illustrative material. It is written in such a way as to capture the imagination of the beginning student. It achieves the author's objectives, and would certainly become a major text. It is fun and exciting reading!"--Alan E. Stiven, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill "This is an excellent book! I am very impressed with the breadth of coverage and the amount of substantive biology, especially ecology, that Levinton has incorporated into the text without sacrificing clarity and readability. An impressive treatment suitable for a range of undergraduate courses!"--Larry McEdward, University of Florida at Gainesville "Excellent coverage of benthic life, integrates and synthesizes complex principals in a manner that is very clearly presented".--Molly O. Ahlgren, Sheldon Jackson College--Sitka "...clearly written and illustrated--a

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