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Author: Pare, Jean

Edition: 1

Number Of Pages: 128

EAN: 9781897477335

Release Date: 11-01-2011

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description Nothing quite warms the bones, or the heart, like a delicious bowl of homemade soup. That's why we've collected 88 of our most popular soup recipes, from timeless classics like silky butternut squash soup to exotic treats like coconut shrimp soup, and brought them together in one book. Recipes for nearly every kind of soup are featured, including versatile basic stocks, hearty chowders, smooth bisques and refreshing chilled savoury and sweet delights. Healthy ingredient choices help control the amount of salt and fat in what you eat, and adding beans and legumes increases protein, fibre and nutrients. Review “Company’s Coming, if you need a reminder, is a genuine Alberta success story. With its head office located in Edmonton, Company’s Coming has sold over 27 million cookbooks since founder Jean Pare published her first book, 150 Delicious Squares, in 1981.” Posted by the Edmonton Journal staff reporter: Liane Faulder Post on the Company’s Coming cookbook: “Catch of the Day” April 15, 2009. 9:16 am • Section: Eat My Words About the Author Since 1981, Albertans have shared their love of Jean Paré (pronounced "PAIR-ee") and her crowd-pleasing recipes with the world. For eighteen years before that, Jean Paré earned a place in the hearts of her fellow townspeople in small-town Vermilion, Alberta, as the caterer who was most often asked: "Jean, will you handle it?" The inspiration for Jean Paré to create the Company's Coming cookbook series came to her from the empty plates that followed every catering function, coupled with an outpouring of requests for her recipes. April 14, 1981, marked the debut of 150 Delicious Squares, the first Company's Coming cookbook in what would soon become Canada's most popular cookbook series. Sincerity and trust come through in every one of Jean's recipes.

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