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Author: Kalla, Daniel

Edition: 1st Edition

Number Of Pages: 448

EAN: 9780765321411

Release Date: 13-04-2010

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedVeryGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description A hundred years ago, Dr. Evan McGrath realized his dream of establishing a hospital in the Pacific Northwest, a hospital that would never turn away a patient in need. But the personal cost was steep: Evan lost the love of his life while making a powerful enemy of the hospital’s financier, Marshall Alfredson.Today, the Alfredson Medical Center is internationally renowned for its care. The two founding families remain faithful to Evan’s vision, but their history is clouded by forbidden love, conflict, and betrayal. Crisis is besieging the Alfredson. A decision by Dr. Tyler McGrath, a child cancer specialist, leaves a young patient’s family shattered. Dr. Jill Laidlaw, Tyler’s wife, is a researcher poised to offer fresh hope to multiple sclerosis victims—including a former presidential frontrunner—until rumors of research fraud endanger her career. And in the face of temptation and career demands, Tyler and Jill are drifting apart.Devastating family secrets, doomed relationships, and present-day medical disasters threaten not only the Alfredsons and McGraths but the legendary hospital itself. About the Author DANIEL KALLA is the international bestselling author of Pandemic, Resistance, Rage Therapy, Blood Lies, and Cold Plague. He works as an emergency-room physician in Vancouver, British Columbia. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. 1 Where the hell is my heart? Erin McGrath wondered as she burst through the swinging door and into the operating room. Inside OR 22, the usual controlled chaos reigned. The staff buzzed with activity. The anesthesiologist, a taciturn South African named Peter Proust, hovered beside a bank of high-tech monitors as he mixed the cocktail of drugs required to achieve the delicate balance between putting the patient to sleep and keeping her brain and other organs viable during the three-hour transplant surgery. Wearing green hospital scrubs, but not yet gowned, Erin strode up to the stretcher beside the operating table. Her patient, Kristen Hill, lay still on the gurney. Kristen’s pale face was covered with a bulky breathing mask to optimize the oxygen delivered to her fluid-logged lungs. On the right side of her neck, several intravenous lines converged at the plastic hub connecting to a central line that tunneled through the skin and into her jugular vein. Erin felt a deep affinity for the young woman who, like her, was a mother of fraternal twins. Life had dealt Kristen one blow after another. Abandoned by her husband when her twins were only toddlers, forced to support the family on a minimum-wage income, and now incapacitated by a failing heart, somehow the twenty-six-year-old remained perpetually hopeful. Underneath the clear plastic mask, Kristen wore the same accepting expression as usual. But despite the oxygen, her lips were bluer than ever. She appeared to deteriorate by the minute. Where’s the damn chopper with my heart? Erin thought again as she reached the bedside. Kristen’s own heart was shot. The once-powerful pump had turned into a mass of engorged useless tissue after a virus had suddenly attacked it. The illness had begun innocuously enough, as little more than the same cold that had hit her children. But the virus unexpectedly turned on Kristen’s heart, causing myocarditis. Within days, it had destroyed the muscle that constituted the cardiac wall. Despite the maximal medication and all other interventions Erin had tried, Kristen’s shattered heart couldn’t keep up with the circulatory demands of her body. Erin rubbed her patient’s elbow. “How are you holding up, Kristen?” “Okay.” She mustered a grin through her mask. “Dr. McGrath, I thought I’d be asleep by now.” “Not much longer,” Erin said, hoping she was speaking the truth. The call from the national organ donor registry had woken Erin at five A.M. from a very light sleep. The day before, because of Kristen’s drastic deterioration, the heart surgeon had put out a p

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