Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes: A Cookbook for Preschoolers and Up


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Author: Katzen, Mollie

Color: Blue

Edition: Illustrated

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 96

EAN: 8601416010076

Release Date: 01-04-1994

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description Pretend Soup and Other Real Recipes : A Cookbook for Preschoolers and Up by Mollie Katzen and Ann L. Henderson. Ten Speed Press,1994 From Amazon Pretend Soup has rapidly become the children's cookbook classic, and no home or daycare center should be without a copy. Mollie Katzen, author of the and educator Ann Henderson have created a masterpiece formatted for grown-ups--with written instructions, suggestions, and caveats--and for kids--with illustrated, easy-to-follow pictures. The recipes are both tasty and healthy, and the quotes from kids are very funny (Matthew: "This is so good, I can't even say a word.") While safety is stressed and tips and warnings are included, Katzen and Henderson always stress the fun in food preparation. "Spills are what sponges are for. So keep plenty of sponges around, and a good time will be had by all!" From School Library Journal PreSchool-Grade 3-The theme of this fine cookbook is that cooking is a many-splendored thing. The book's purpose is "to enable very young children to cook as independently as possible under the gentle guidance of an adult partner." Each of the 17 recipes appears twice, once in words and once in full-color pictures. The child is the focus here: attention is paid to physical ability, comfortable work levels, and variety of tactile experience. A long list of skills and attitudes children can gain from cooking supports the idea that the process is more important than the product. Quotes reflect the young cooks' keen observation and joyful participation. Parents' Nursery School's Kids Are Natural Cooks (Houghton, 1974) also uses natural foods and has the same intent as this title. That book is arranged by season and contains more recipes; Pretend Soup focuses more on the processes. Anyone who works or plays with young children would benefit by having both. Carolyn Jenks, First Parish Unitarian Church, Portland, ME Copyright 1994 Reed Business Information, Inc. From Booklist Katzen (of Moosewood Cookbook fame) teamed up with educator Henderson to produce this cookbook directed to very young children. It includes wonderful input from kids who've found their way into the kitchen: "I thought it was going to be gross, but it turned out good!" "I smell some pizza, dudes!" But the real joy is in the shared experience the book promotes. Each recipe begins with instructions to grown-ups, who function mainly as kitchen helpers and safety monitors. Kids can really do most of the work themselves by referring to simple, carefully sequenced sketches designed especially for them. As far as the recipes are concerned, kids and parents will be in for a nice surprise, for there's not a hot dog or chicken finger in evidence. Instead, we're talking real food--popovers, homemade lemon-lime soda pop, noodle soup, and quesadillas--delivered in recipes nicely scaled down for children to manage easily. Stephanie Zvirin Review Smell it! It’s gonna be delicious! —Kate Be careful because this might be too yummy for me to eat! —Theo More please! I really liked it. —Andrew “Play Points: 5 (out of 5). ­­A delectable starter!” -- Nick Jr. Magazine “This is the best book to date on cooking with preschoolers.” -- Scholastic Parent & Child “A winner!” -- School Library Journal “You can toss a coin whether to give this charming cookbook, for preschoolers and up, to your favorite kid or to a food-loving adult who deals with children.” -- San Francisco Chronicle From the Publisher 160,000 copies in print! About the Author ANN HENDERSON is a credentialed early childhood education specialist and is co-director of the Child Education Center in Berkeley, California. MOLLIE KATZEN is a cookbook author and artist who has profoundly shaped the way America eats. Mollie is a consultant and cocreator of Harvard's groundbreaking Food Literacy Project. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. SALAD PEOPLE The

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