The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped: Peel Off Those Last 10 Pounds!


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Author: Reno, Tosca

Color: Multicolor

Edition: Illustrated

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 312

EAN: 9781552100868

Release Date: 16-03-2011

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Paperback

Details: Product Description Getting rid of the last 10 pounds is the hardest part of losing weight because your body wants to hang on to them. So many people exercise and eat right, but those pounds refuse to budge and they have no idea why! Author Tosca Reno shares the slim-down secrets of fitness models and celebrities, teaching readers how to finally lose that last 10 pounds and keep it off for good. Bonus! 50 new Eat-Clean recipes! About the Author Tosca Reno is an internationally known nutritionist, weight-loss specialist, fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and bestselling author. Her Eat-Clean Diet book series has sold more than two million copies. She tours 250 days out of every year, speaks approximately ten times per month all across North America, and appears at book and health events, bookstore signings, and school events several times a year. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Who’s Thinking of Losing Weight?   In North America, 67 percent of our population is overweight, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity has reached epidemic numbers. Apparently millions, if not billions, of us around the world are thinking of losing weight, whether 10 pounds or 110 pounds. Few are exempt from this problem. The population of overweight children is larger than ever, not only in North America, where the number of overweight children has doubled since 1980, but also worldwide, where the WHO estimates that 17.6 million children under the age of five are overweight. In America alone, 200 million individuals are overweight or obese.   People struggle with those last 10 for many reasons.   Stepping away from statistics for a moment, let’s consider why you might be interested in shedding those annoying last 10 pounds. Throughout your life will be moments when you want to look your best. You may simply decide on a haircut and a new dress, or you might look in the mirror and realize your waistline needs trimming. Frowning, you look at the calendar and realize you have only 28 days until your wedding day, your son’s bar mitzvah or your beach vacation. I’ve certainly found myself in a similar situation.   People struggle with those last 10 for many reasons. Perhaps you have already lost a considerable amount of weight but have hit a plateau. Somehow those final pounds are clinging furiously to your midsection. Or maybe you must lose weight to prepare for an operation. Doctors often postpone surgery until their patient reaches a size that decreases the risks. I know of a gentleman who had to undergo prostate surgery and was told to lose 10 pounds before the doc would even consider it. The poor fellow had to endure his embarrassing symptoms for another few weeks before he could get relief.   Hundreds of people, from the bride-to-be to the newly single, are looking for a surefire method to drop 10 pounds in a hurry. The good news is that you can—and will—do it. Remember when the tabloids reported that Jessica Simpson lost 10 pounds in two weeks? That was probably an exaggeration to sell magazines and let’s be serious, 10 pounds in two weeks? I don’t think so! I think she just had bad styling advice when she wore those mom jeans on stage, but even celebrities sometimes need to strip off excess weight fast. If I were a celeb attending the Oscars, I would definitely be thinking of ways to tighten up in time for the big event. A few pounds can make the difference between boring and fantastic, the latter landing you in the pages of InStyle magazine strutting your hottest Oscar look … hey, a girl can dream!   So There You Are and Here We Go!   Let this be the start of stripping away those final 10 pounds forever. Take heart that The Eat-Clean Diet Stripped will serve as your no-fail guide to get the job done. Loads of people are in the same boat looking for just this kind of help. Relying on the Eat-Clean Diet Principles along with some secrets I have learned from those in the busine

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