The Harbrace Anthology of Poetry


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Author: Stott, Jon

Edition: 5


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EAN: 9780176502751

Release Date: 04-01-2011

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Paperback

Details: The Harbrace Anthology of Poetry, Fifth Edition, is a chronologically arranged selection of poems from medieval times to present. It showcases each poet’s accomplishments by generally including multiple works of each poet. The anthology is notable for its wide coverage; it includes possibly the largest and widest selection of Canadian poets in any general introductory anthology, an excellent representation of female poets, poets from outside the U.K. and North America, and poets from minority groups. The anthology doesn’t impose thematic topics, giving instructors the ability to create their own customized, thematic units. The head notes, together with the Introduction and Glossary, provide information for the student that will supplement instructor-determined approaches to the material. With its coverage of genres from medieval times to the end of the first decade of the 21st century, The Harbrace Anthology of Poetry is an excellent introduction to literary historic, poetic genres, and the varied concerns of poets representing different positions on issues of culture, gender, ethnic identity, and ideology.

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