The Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer


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Author: Olivotto, Ivo

Edition: 4

Number Of Pages: 296

EAN: 9780969612582

Release Date: 01-02-2006

Languages: english

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Paperback

Details: The Intelligent Patient Guide book series was created in 1989 by a group of American and Canadian-trained physicians frustrated by the lack of quality information available for their cancer patients. The books became bestsellers, and their appeal has grown despite the development of the Internet. Whereas the Internet is an explosion of medical information that can confuse and intimidate, these books are personal guides designed to equip the patient to take an active role in their care by providing clear, organized and relevant information that gives them back a sense of control. In cancer centers across the country it is not uncommon to see a well-worn, personal copy of an Intelligent Patient Guide under the under the arm or at the bedside of a patient awaiting treatment. The books are frequently gifted by friends or family, or recommended by the patient's oncologist. Intelligent Patient Guides are the number one choice of patient information projects across the country and are provided to all newly-diagnosed breast/prostate cancer patients by government and charity-funded groups in five Canadian provinces. Along with all the information you need to ask the right questions, evaluate options and contribute to your treatment decisions, Intelligent Patient Guides are loaded with special topics the doctors have seen come up time and again: My mother has cancer, what is my risk? Does diet really matter? Do alternative treatments work? What happens when you have surgery? Treatments to avoid. When should you seek a second opinion? What to do if you get a complication from treatment. Handling the psychological effects of your treatment. "The Intelligent Patient Guide has been at my side for the last eight months as I fought cancer. When I needed (information), it never failed me." Former CEO Canadian Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute of Canada

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