The Mediator's Handbook: Revised & Expanded fourth edition


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Author: Beer PhD, Dr. Jennifer E.

Edition: Revised and Expanded

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 208

EAN: 9780865717220

Release Date: 01-10-2012

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Paperback

Details: Product Description The classic resource for effective mediation - now fully updated and expanded The popular Mediator's Handbook presents a time-tested, adaptable model for helping people work through conflict. Starting with a new chapter on assessing conflict and bringing people to the table, it explains the process step-by-step, from opening conversations and exploring the situation, through the phases of finding resolution-deciding on topics, reviewing options, and testing agreements. The "Toolbox" section then details the concepts and skills a mediator needs in order to: Understand the Conflict Support the people Facilitate the process Guide decision-making. The Mediator's Handbook's emphasis is on what the mediator can do or say NOW, and on the underlying principles and core methods that can help the mediator make wise choices. Long a popular course textbook for high schools, universities, and training programs, The Mediator's Handbook is also a valued desk reference for professional mediators, and a practical guide for managers, organizers, teachers, and anyone working with clients, customers, volunteers, committees or teams. Extensively revised to incorporate recent practice and thinking, the accessible manual format lays out a clear structure for new and occasional mediators, while offering a detailed, nuanced resource for professionals. Review "Can you really make the classic book in its field even better? In this book, authors Jennifer Beer and Caroline Packard prove that, when it comes to mediation, the answer is a resounding "Yes!" This new edition of The Mediator's Handbook provides new tools, new scripts, and new frameworks that will assist experienced practitioners and novices alike. Based on up-to-date research foundations from anthropology, psychology, and behavioral neuroscience, the authors take us by the hand and lead us step-by-step through the mediation process, suggesting concrete strategies to help people in conflict work through difficult emotions to actionable ideas for resolving their disputes. Bravo!"— G. Richard Shell, Thomas Gerrity Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the Wharton School of Business and author of Bargaining for Advantage: Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People "The fourth edition of The Mediator's Handbook continues to improve upon everything that made the original edition a success: user-friendly explanations for every step of the mediation process, starting with what mediation is, to dealing with the most difficult situations that can arise in the course of a dispute. While the Handbook presents itself as being for mediators, those who should have a copy of the Handbook on their shelf include lawyers representing clients in litigation, human resources executives, managers of complex international infrastructure projects, or school counselors dealing with difficult teenagers. In short, The Mediator's Handbook is a comprehensive and practical guide for anyone who regularly deals with conflict."— Michael McIlwrath, co-author of International Arbitration and Mediation:A Practical Guide, and host of the podcast "International Dispute Negotiation" "Plenty of mediation books will give you the kind of language ordinary mediators use - the same language we are used to hearing from other helping professions, such as lawyers, and therapists. What these authors let us in on - is the secret language of outstanding mediators. They generously share hundreds of examples of carefully chosen phrases mediators can use at every step that make the difference between knowing what needs to happen next in mediation, and being able to make it happen."— Hideaki Irei, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Kyushu University "The upgrades done to the 4th edition make it a VERY usable manual and I will most definitely recommend it to anyone looking for this kind of manual. When I run my course next year this will be THE manual I have students buy."— Jonathon Rudy, Elizabe

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