The Mediator's Handbook: Revised & Expanded fourth edition [Paperback] Beer PhD, Dr. Jennifer E.; Packard JD, Caroline C.; Gates, Elizabeth Elwood and Stief, Eileen


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The classic resource for effective mediation - now fully updated and expanded The popular _Mediator's Handbook _presents a time-tested, adaptable model for helping people work through conflict. Starting with a new chapter on assessing conflict and bringing people to the table, it explains the process step-by-step, from opening conversations and exploring the situation, through the phases of finding resolution-deciding on topics, reviewing options, and testing agreements. The "Toolbox" section then details the concepts and skills a mediator needs in order to: Understand the Conflict Support the people Facilitate the process Guide decision-making. _The Mediator's Handbook_'s emphasis is on what the mediator can do or say NOW, and on the underlying principles and core methods that can help the mediator make wise choices. Long a popular course textbook for high schools, universities, and training programs, The Mediator's Handbook is also a valued desk reference for professional mediators, and a practical guide for managers, organizers, teachers, and anyone working with clients, customers, volunteers, committees or teams. Extensively revised to incorporate recent practice and thinking, the accessible manual format lays out a clear structure for new and occasional mediators, while offering a detailed, nuanced resource for professionals

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