The Starr Sting Scale: The Candace Starr Series


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Author: O'Cinneide, C.S.

Number Of Pages: 304

EAN: 9781459744844

Release Date: 15-02-2020

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Paperback

Details: Product Description A hard-drinking former hitwoman agrees to help catch a killer — though the murderer might just be her. Candace Starr likes to think of herself as retired since she got out of prison — that is, until society maven Kristina Corrigan tries to hire Candace to permanently remove her daughter’s barnacle of a boyfriend, Tyler Brent, from their lives. The only catch? Tyler is seventeen years old. Even Candace draws the line at taking out a target who doesn’t even shave yet. But when Tyler turns up dead at a river gorge with a broken neck, people start asking questions. Detective Chien-Shiung Malone, the ambitious homicide investigator assigned to the case, has more than a few of her own. Candace isn't about to provide any answers, though — until Malone makes her a proposition she just can’t refuse. Candace finds herself signing on as Malone’s unofficial partner to help catch Tyler’s killer … despite the possibility she may have murdered the boy herself. Review A cold and gripping crime novel that could have been written in 1940 -- Margaret Cannon ― Globe and Mail Tough-talking, hard-drinking Candace Starr’s appealingly amoral worldview coupled with her vast range of eccentric acquaintances and family is sure to provide more murderous fun as the series develops. ― Publishers Weekly O’Cinneide gets this quirky series off to a fine start, and Candace is just the kind of oddly charismatic character to keep it going in high style. ― Booklist A tough, deadly type who just might surprise you. ― Kirkus Reviews Scalding, irreverent, endlessly surprising — Candace Starr will make you laugh out loud while knocking your morality just slightly askew. A dazzling newcomer to the crime fiction scene. ― R.M. Greenaway, author of the B.C. Blues Crime series Darkly hilarious and brilliantly plotted. ― Elka Ray, author of Saigon Dark About the Author C.S. O'Cinneide is the author of Petra’s Ghost and the Candace Starr series. Her short stories have appeared in both anthologies and magazines. She lives in Guelph, Ontario. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Chapter 1 “I’m not sure that I can help you.” “On the contrary. I’m quite certain that you can.” The well-kept blonde in her fifties bats her considerable lashes, quite a feat given the amount of Botox injected in her face. She sits opposite me, perched in a high bar stool at the back of the Algonquin, a dive we affectionately refer to as The Goon. Affection is perhaps too strong a word when talking about a dark, dank, seventies-wood-panelled hole that smells like stale beer and jism — the former odour compliments of the fulltime barmaid, Lovely Linda, and the latter a result of the brisk part-time business she transacts in the men’s toilet on request. I’m Candace Starr, a woman who gets paid for a different kind of service. I still fit in here. But the blonde is definitely out of place. “A friend of mine sent me,” she says, flicking a strand of straightened hair off her polished forehead. “She told me you assist in these matters. That you helped her with a rather difficult husband.” Difficult husbands are a specialty of mine. Rarely in my line of work do you run into a husband who isn’t difficult in some way. They cheat, they lie, and occasionally they smack their women around. It’s like the metal in a wedding ring creates a strange magnetic force within a guy’s body that sets off his asshole switch. Maybe wives should insist on a wooden band. “I’m retired,” I tell her. “You look a bit young for that.” “I’m older than you’d think.” I’ve managed to keep my looks over the years despite my lifestyle. It’s the Italian blood from my mother’s side. That olive skin covers up a lot of hard living. The woman abandoned me on a median strip when I was three, but at least she left me with a good complexion and a figure that holds up. Everyone thinks I’m in my early twenties, but I’ve been on the wrong side of thirty for a few years now. I

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