Thinking Like A Mountain


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Author: Bateman, Robert

Edition: Canadian First

Number Of Pages: 144

EAN: 9780670893034

Release Date: 19-10-2000

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description Nature has been Robert Bateman's inspiration since he began painting birds from his bedroom window as a young boy. The wildlife he features in the paintings that are treasured by collectors around the world are expressions of his love and respect for the natural world. A passionate environmentalist who has devoted his life to documenting the awesome power of nature, Bateman is deeply worried about the state of planet Earth and the fate of our natural heritage. Whenever he talks about his paintings, he talks about the environmental messages they convey, and those who have heard him speak have clamoured for a book encapsulating his philosophy. Thinking Like a Mountain grows out of Bateman's many years thinking, talking and writing about the world's growing environmental crisis. Beautifully designed and illustrated with original drawings, it is a gathering of questions, observations, and ideas drawn from the artist's own life experiences and gleaned from the writings of some of the visionaries who have influenced him. Thinking Like a Mountain is by turns autobiographical and contemplative, passionate and argumentative, hopeful and inspirational. Bateman recently turned seventy, and in his rich and varied life he has seen the danger signs of environmental degradation and he has noted the steady erosion of values regarding the natural world, from suburban North American teenagers to rural African villagers. Yet he remains a possibilist who celebrates every morsel of "good news" and holds out hope for the future of our immeasurably varied and impossibly beautiful planet Earth. As Einstein said, "We cannot solve the problems of today with the same thinking that gave us the problems in the first place." Only a profound shift in philosophy, Bateman believes, can save our species from extinction. From Amazon Humanity needs a new definition of Progress, one that is more elegant and sophisticated, one that values our heritage, both natural and human. We need to think carefully about the health and well-being of future generations. Thinking Like a Mountain is an impassioned plea to attend to the health of our planet, present and future, by renowned Canadian artist and naturalist Robert Bateman. Part memoir, part sketchbook, and part environmental testament, this slim volume charts the progress of Bateman's ecological consciousness. It takes him from a childhood spent exploring the remnants of an ancient river valley in North Toronto, through his rovings around the world in search of endangered species, to his twilight musings on the threat to the lakes and watersheds of B.C.'s Gulf Islands. In the process, Bateman presents an historical overview of threats to our human and natural heritages, among them the near extinction of the whales due to massive commercial whaling and PCBs and other toxins; the clear-cutting of old-growth forests at Clayoquot Sound; the devastation of wetlands as a result of modern industrial agriculture; and the vanishing of unique human societies such as the Ba Mbuti in the former Belgian Congo. Written on the occasion of Bateman's 70th birthday, this inspirational volume will appeal primarily to environmentally aware young people. The bibliography provides good direction on some excellent related reading by authors like Jane Goodall, John Ralston Saul, and Jane Jacobs. The long-converted and the artist's fans, however, will probably wish that Bateman had delved more deeply in his lapidary reflections on what has been an exemplary life devoted to environmental activism. --Diana Kuprel About the Author Robert Bateman's fascination with nature dates from his boyhood in Toronto, where he began his lifelong education as a naturalist by studying and sketching the species he saw in the ravine behind his house. An internationally acclaimed artist whose paintings can be found in collections worldwide, he is the bestselling author of six books. An officer of the Order of Canada, the recipient of nine hono

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