This Book Is Broken: A Broken Social Scene Story


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Author: Berman, Stuart

Edition: Original

Number Of Pages: 192

EAN: 9780887847967

Release Date: 27-04-2009

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedVeryGood

Binding: Paperback

Details: Product Description The year was 2000. The alternative music scene had all but died, and pre-packaged pop stars had filled the vacuum. But in a basement apartment in the heart of downtown Toronto, two musicians were forming a creative partnership that would revive the mass appeal of indie music and forever change how we think of a band. In this biography of the ever-evolving indie-rock collective, Broken Social Scene, music columnist Stuart Berman tracks the group's inception by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning; groundbreaking performances at Ted's Wrecking Yard that raised the band's local status to mythical proportions; Broken Social Scene's meteoric rise upon the release of breakout album You Forgot It In People; the creation of Arts & Crafts records with music-biz maverick Jeffrey Remedios; and life on the road with revolving bandmates, including members of Stars, Metric, The Dears, and international pop sensation Feist. Stuart Berman has drawn from hours of interviews with members and affiliates of Broken Social Scene, and exclusive, never-before-seen photographs, gig posters, and artwork to create a spectacular oral and visual history of this ever-evolving indie-rock collective. Quill & Quire September 2009 will mark a decade since the inception of Broken Social Scene, a pillar of the Toronto indie-rock community. Eye Weekly online editor Stuart Berman chronicles the group from its unassuming beginnings to its critically acclaimed heights in a series of carefully arranged interviews and photographs that comprise a comprehensive snapshot of the Toronto independent music scene. The band is a collective of dozens of musical talents – such as Leslie Feist, Emily Haines, and Kevin Drew – so it’s fitting that Berman’s lively, conversational narrative is structured as a polyvocal oral history, with each individual providing a unique perspective on the community cultivated by the band. Berman has set himself a difficult task by attempting to remain true to Broken Social Scene’s chaotic artistic sensibility while creating a cohesive narrative out of an agglomeration of so many different voices. For the most part he succeeds, though in the early going the book lacks a certain coherence, and it takes time for the reader to adapt to the piecemeal storytelling. Berman’s love of Broken Social Scene is clear from the start. His thoughtful, energetic, and playful retelling of the band’s history – from the decline and rebuilding of Toronto’s independent music scene in the 1990s to the creation of the Arts & Crafts label and beyond – shows us the band in a broader cultural context. This Book Is Broken effectively illustrates how hard artists must work to achieve results and stands as a testament to Broken Social Scene’s relevance in 2009. Review [Stuart Berman's] thoughtful, energetic, and playful retelling of the band's history...shows us the band in a broader cultural context. ( Quill & Quire 2009-05-09) A Fantastical account of a powerful music movement in Canadian indie rock. ( Exclaim! 2009-05-09) Going through the book while listening to the music is a required joy...Moreover, the book details the creation of a great local music scene, with several bands building audiences that extended to international recognition...This Book Is Broken will certainly appeal to fans. In reality, anyone with a fascination with how ideas are exchanged, extracted, and then made into vibrant and viable art should find this of interest. ( Parasites & Sycophants 2009-05-09) Damn that's a good book. ( REAX 2009-05-09) It's an endlessly interesting story, an original one amid the usual rock-bio cliches, and told here in an honest, inventive and consistently engaging way. ( REAX 2009-05-09) It's more then just the story of a rag-tag rock group - it's also a valentine to a burgeoning music scene. ( National Post 2009-05-09) Review “It’s more then just the story of a rag-tag rock group - it’s also a valentine to a burgeoning music scene.” Re

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