Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Cat Lover's Companion


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Author: the Bathroom Readers' Institute

Edition: 1

Number Of Pages: 240

EAN: 9781592236879

Release Date: 15-10-2006

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Hardcover

Details: Product Description Uncle John's and cat fans alike will adore this new collection. It explores the unique, amusing and interesting side of our favoured feline friends. From famous cats to the famous with their cats to cats' famous history, from cats who like to paint to cats who travel the world in an effort to find their way home, Uncle John's has scoured the globe to find the winning-est, wackiest, most wondrous cat tales for its new Cat Lover's Companion. "In the beginning, God created man, but seeing him so feeble, He gave him the cat." -Warren Eckstein And every cat knows it. Some people call them the independent, thinking-person's pet, and that may be true. But cats know they're best suited for life with humans who recognize their dominance and respect their opinions. And so humans many do. Cats have become the most popular pets in the Western world, a hard-won but deserved title- because you know, it really isn't easy being the most entitled one in the room. About the Author The Bathroom Readers' Hysterical Society, following proudly in the grand tradition of its older sibling, the Bathroom Readers' Institute, is a conglomeration of scholarly scribes devoted to bringing primo prose, terrific trivia and quality quizzes and puzzles to its readers.

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