Uncommon Ground: Rethinking The Human Place In Nature


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Author: Cronon, William

Color: Multicolor

Number Of Pages: 562

EAN: 9780393315110

Release Date: 01-10-1996

Languages: English

Item Condition: UsedGood

Binding: Paperback

Details: Product Description A controversial, timely reassessment of the environmentalist agenda by outstanding historians, scientists, and critics. In a lead essay that powerfully states the broad argument of the book, William Cronon writes that the environmentalist goal of wilderness preservation is conceptually and politically wrongheaded. Among the ironies and entanglements resulting from this goal are the sale of nature in our malls through the Nature Company, and the disputes between working people and environmentalists over spotted owls and other objects of species preservation. The problem is that we haven't learned to live responsibly in nature. The environmentalist aim of legislating humans out of the wilderness is no solution. People, Cronon argues, are inextricably tied to nature, whether they live in cities or countryside. Rather than attempt to exclude humans, environmental advocates should help us learn to live in some sustainable relationship with nature. It is our home. Review “An intellectually pathbreaking book.” — Daniel J. Kevles “The best kind of book, one that shocks the reader into entirely fresh ways of thinking.” — Michael Pollan From the Back Cover Uncommon Ground is the best kind of book, one that shocks the reader into entirely fresh ways of seeing. Perhaps the most important work facing us over the next several years involves the reconception of nature and our relationship to it. This indispensable volume makes a bold start on that project attacking it with imagination, insight, originality, and wit. About the Author William Cronon is Frederick Jackson Turner Professor of History, Geography, and Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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