Understanding Canadian Public Administration (4th Edition)


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Author: Inwood, Gregory J.

Edition: 4


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Number Of Pages: 432

EAN: 9780135119976

Release Date: 01-02-2011

Languages: English

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Binding: Paperback

Details: Product Description Understanding Canadian Public Administration offers excellent coverage of all the important and significant areas of public administration.   While still providing a background of the theory and practice of public administration in Canada, the new fourth edition has been updated to reflect political changes in recent years. New topics-such as the financial crisis, the proroguing crisis of 2008/2009, Aboriginal Self-Government, and the Public Service Renewal Action Plan-have been added. Content on departmental organizations, agents of Parliament, political staff, and Human Resources Management have also been updated.             In discussing these new topics, as well as information from the previous edition, Understanding Canadian Public Administration remains an easily accessible introductory text that is neither encyclopaedic nor esoteric. It provides you with an overview of essential theoretical issues in the field and then uses that theoretical grounding to examine the actual practice of public administration. The text compares the roles of the private and public sectors and examines the impact that the latter has had on the former. From a practical approach, it analyzes how public policy is actually set within the context of a federal state. Review “[this text] provides a thorough yet succinct survey of the principal theories, approaches and concepts of public administration and, in turn, their particular manifestation within the Canadian context, while remaining suitable for introductory audiences. In so doing, it offers the reader an excellent survey both of the general theories/components of public administration and of the manner in which they are used in Canada.” --Shaun P. Young, York University   “Inwood's text offers excellent coverage of all the important and significant areas of public administration that students must be exposed to through an introductory level type of course.” --Donald J. Naulls, Saint Mary’s University   “Inwood’s text is straight forward, current and suitable for the level of students I usually teach” --Darryl C. Eisan, Dalhousie University   “In my view the author’s style is clear, examples are well-chosen, and the explanations are clear.” --Ross Gibbons, University of Western Ontario From the Back Cover Praised for its excellent coverage of the subject, Understanding Canadian Public Administration offers students a clear, concise and current introduction to the basic elements of public administration. It provides an overview of the essential theoretical issues in the field and an examination of the actual practice of public administration, from its historical context to the contemporary reality of rapid change and economic uncertainties.   Neither scholarly nor simplistic, this text invites students to examine the issues from their own viewpoints and experiences by posing questions about day-to-day events that illustrate how public administration affects them.   If you’re wondering why you should buy this new edition of Understanding Canadian Public Administration, here are 5 good reasons!   New discussion on the financial crisis of 2008. New section on Aboriginal self-government. Significant revisions to discussion of Human Resource Management, including increased discussion of minority representation in the public service (i.e. Aboriginal, women, ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities). New discussion of Public Service Renewal Action Plan and the Constitutional Crisis of 2008/2009 (i.e., the proroguing controversy). New discussion on the public’s trust in government. About the Author Gregory Inwood is a Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration and a member of the Yeates School of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University. His research interests include Canadian federalism, the Canadian political economy, public administration, and trade policy. He is a current member of the Board of Directors of the Insti

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