Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now


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Author: Wheatley, Margaret J.

Color: White

Edition: Illustrated

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 288

EAN: 9781605097312

Release Date: 04-04-2011

Languages: english

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Binding: Paperback

Details: Product Description In this era of increasingly complex problems and shrinking resources, can we find meaningful and enduring solutions to the challenges we face today as individuals, communities, and nations? In Walk Out Walk On, we invite you on a learning journey to seven communities around the world to meet people who have walked out of limiting beliefs and assumptions and walked on to create healthy and resilient communities. These Walk Outs who Walk On use their ingenuity and caring to figure out how to work with what they have to create what they need. From Mexico to India, from Columbus, Ohio to Johannesburg, South Africa, we discover that all communities have the intelligence and inventiveness to solve their seemingly insolvable problems. “We discovered a gift inside ourselves,” one Brazilian said, “something that was already there.” Review “If there is any hope for us, it lies in rediscovering and recreating community. Do not doubt this is possible. Read Walk Out Walk On and see for yourself—and see your self.” —Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline and coauthor of Presence and The Necessary Revolution “Exuberant and galvanizing, this book takes us to where the future is happening—not in the corridors of power but at the grassroots where a ‘trans-local’ movement is unleashing human creativity and smarts.” —Joanna Macy, author of World as Lover, World as Self “This book gives insight and beauty to what is becoming the new, new world—an intimate journey with communities and citizens creating a future with their own hearts, hands, and relationships.” —Peter Block, author of Community and coauthor of The Abundant Community About the Author Margaret Wheatley cofounded and led the Berkana Institute, a global foundation that partners with people developing healthy and resilient communities. Margaret is the author of five other books, including Leadership and the New Science and Perseverance. Deborah Frieze succeeded her. Berkana partners with people developing healthy and resilient communities worldwide, many of whom are described in this book. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. LEAVING HOME This is the setting out. The leaving of everything behind. Leaving the social milieu. The preconceptions. The definitions. The language. The narrowed field of vision. The expectations. No longer expecting relationships, memories, words, or letters to mean what they used to mean. To be, in a word: Open. —Rabbi Lawrence Kushner This book takes you on a Learning Journey to places that will inspire, disturb, and provoke you, and to meet people who will delight, nourish, and encourage you. We’re glad that you’ve joined us. We visit seven communities around the world, seven very different cultures, all of which are experimenting with what it means to live the future now. We, the authors, are intimately connected with each of these communities; we’ve worked alongside them for several years and been transformed by these experiences and relationships. Our journey takes us to Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Greece, and the United States. In each community, we’ll experience firsthand what’s possible when we change our beliefs about what people are capable of and how change happens. We’ll witness communities that rely on everyone to be an entrepreneur, a leader, an artist. These communities trust that these are common human traits, not limited to a few gifted people. We’ll meet people who use their ingenuity and caring to figure out how to work with what they have to create what they need. And as we move from community to community, we’ll explore the deeper patterns that link them together, diverse as they are. We’ll see how change happens through self-organized efforts that then move across the planet through networks of relationship. We’ll see that lasting change doesn’t start from the top of a system, but from deep inside it, when people step forward to so

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